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What is amanita muscaria tea?

Amanita Muscaria Tea is a traditional brew made from the Amanita Muscaria mushroom, known for its distinctive red cap with white spots. This tea has been used historically in various cultures for its psychoactive and medicinal properties. At Cosmyic, we draw inspiration from this ancient practice for our Amanita Muscaria Gummies, encapsulating the essence of the mushroom's unique effects in a convenient and controlled form.

What are amanita capsules?

Amanita Capsules are a modern, convenient form of consuming the Amanita Muscaria mushroom, renowned for its distinctive appearance and psychoactive properties. These capsules contain carefully measured doses of the mushroom's extract, providing a controlled and accessible way to experience the potential benefits and effects. At Cosmyic, our Amanita Capsules are designed for those seeking to explore the traditional uses of Amanita Muscaria in a more precise and easy-to-use format, ensuring a consistent and safe experience.

What are amanita gummies effects?

Amanita Gummies are designed to offer a unique experience derived from the Amanita Muscaria mushroom, known for its psychoactive components. The effects of these gummies can vary from person to person, with some users reporting a sense of relaxation, altered perception, and a heightened sense of connection to the environment. At Cosmyic, our Amanita Gummies are crafted to encapsulate the essence of the Amanita Muscaria's properties in a controlled and palatable form. It's important to remember that individual experiences can differ, and one should approach the use of Amanita Gummies with mindfulness and respect for their potent nature. As always, we encourage responsible consumption and recommend starting with a low dose to assess your personal tolerance and response.

What are amanita + hhc gummies?

Amanita + HHC Gummies combine the unique properties of Amanita Muscaria mushroom with Hexahydrocannabinol (HHC), a hemp-derived compound known for its psychoactive effects. These gummies aim to provide a synergistic experience, blending the distinct qualities of both Amanita Muscaria and HHC to create a unique effect profile. At Cosmyic, our Amanita + HHC Gummies are carefully formulated to offer a balanced and controlled way to explore the combined effects of these two components. Users may experience a blend of relaxation, altered perception, and a sense of well-being, although experiences can vary widely among individuals. We emphasize the importance of responsible use and suggest starting with a small dose to gauge your personal reaction. Please note, these gummies are intended for adults and should be used with caution and awareness of their potent nature.

Are amanita gummies legal?

The legality of Amanita Gummies largely depends on the specific laws and regulations of the country, state, or region in which they are sold or consumed. Amanita Muscaria, the mushroom from which these gummies are derived, falls into a unique category, as it does not contain psilocybin or psilocin, the compounds typically regulated under psychedelic mushroom laws. However, its active ingredients can still be subject to legal scrutiny in some areas. At Cosmyic, we ensure that our Amanita Gummies comply with legal standards in the jurisdictions we operate, focusing on providing a product that aligns with regulatory guidelines. We advise customers to familiarize themselves with their local laws regarding Amanita Muscaria products to ensure compliance. Always stay informed about the legal status of such products in your area to make educated decisions regarding their purchase and use.