About Us

We’re bringing the best psychotropic mushroom ingredients to you in easy-to-ingest edibles and more. From Amanita muscaria to cannabinoids and beyond, we invite you to join us on a far out journey.

Our goal is to introduce our customers to the benefits of using psychoactive mushrooms such as Amanita muscaria and Amanita pantherina. Finding the right balance isn’t easy, but we’re passionate about crafting products that deliver the out-of-this-world effects you didn’t even know you were looking for.

While the most famous kind of Amanita is A. muscaria due to its iconic red and white cap, many Amanita mushroom varieties feature a compound called muscimol, which is responsible for the fungi’s psychoactive effects. Amanita mushrooms do not contain psilocybin and are therefore not considered to be psychedelic, making them legal in 49 states.