how to prepare amanita muscaria tea

How to Prepare Amanita Muscaria Tea? A Step-by-Step Guide

Amanita Muscaria Tea, which is derived from the famous fly agaric mushroom, has been around for centuries and has generated much interest in modern times as well. Its allure lies not only in its historic usage but also in its potential for unique experiences. While it is different from conventional psychedelics, the tea's psychoactive components raise curiosity among people, thus prompting them to explore its effects and traditional significance. This can explain the deep interest in knowing how to prepare amanita muscaria tea. 

What is Amanita Muscaria Tea?

Amanita muscaria tea has resurged in popularity, enduring from ancient cultures to modern times. While not a traditional psychedelic, its potential benefits attract curiosity, driving its widespread experimentation. For those interested in crafting Fly Agaric tea, this is the perfect guide to follow.

Tea is an enticing option for individuals seeking new ways to use amanita capsules. When prepared properly, tea made from amanita products can be relatively safe and taste delicious.

What Ingredients Are Needed for Preparing Amanita Muscaria Tea?

The process of how to make amanita muscaria tea begins with acquiring dried amanita caps or extract powder. Beyond the mushroom, the necessary items to gather include:

  • A fine sieve
  • A well-honed knife
  • Clean water
  • A saucepan
  • Herbal tea bags
  • A sterilized container

While optional, the addition of ingredients like lemon, lavender, mint, or ginger can significantly elevate the flavor profile according to personal preference.

In the Amanita Muscaria drying process, one begins by harvesting fresh specimens. Slice the caps and stems into thin pieces. Proceed to dry the slices either in a well-ventilated area or using a food dehydrator, ensuring complete dryness to thwart mold formation. Once dried, safeguard the Amanita Muscaria slices in an airtight container, storing them in a cool, dry location for future use. Knowing how to dry amanita muscaria will help in getting the best-flavored Amanita muscaria tea. 

How to Make Amanita Muscaria Tea -A Step-by-Step Guide

Once you've gathered all the necessary components to concoct your blend, simply follow the given below instructions to get the Amanita muscaria tea of your taste. There are two methods to brew the tea- a simple one and a complicated one. These two methods are thoroughly explained below:

Simple Method:

  • Boiling Amanita: Begin by boiling dried amanita in filtered water on low heat for approximately 20 minutes. Afterward, strain the brewed tea through a sieve into a sterilized jar. Enhance the flavor by adding a touch of lemon juice.

Slightly More Elaborate Method

1) Preparing the Amanita: For dried caps, meticulously cut them into small fragments. While grinding is unnecessary, powdered mushroom extract bypasses this step.

2) Flavor Infusion: Select additional flavors such as lemon, mint, or ginger to complement the tea. Alternatively, you can include green tea or other desired infusions. Preparing these flavor enhancers in advance is essential.

3) Heating the Water: Heat water in a saucepan and reduce the heat once it reaches a boil, maintaining a gentle simmer.

4) Adding Ingredients: Introduce the dried amanita pieces and selected flavorings into the simmering water.

5) Steeping Process: Allow the concoction to steep for a minimum of 15 minutes. Some users opt for a 30-minute steep for intensified taste. With powdered extract, minimal steeping is necessary due to its swift dissolution in hot water.

6) Straining the Brew: Position a sieve over the chosen container and strain the liquid through it to eliminate any residual particles.

7) Personal Touch: Sweeteners can be added at this stage, enabling you to customize the taste to your preference.

8) Indulging in the Tea: Once the tea reaches a palatable temperature, relish the outcome of your endeavor. Getting the perfect tea becomes all the easier if you source your Amanita products from a reliable vendor

Managing Ibotenic Acid Content

It's important to note that utilizing this approach may result in elevated ibotenic acid levels within your tea. To address this potential concern, consider reducing the ibotenic acid content. You can achieve this by incorporating citric acid or lemon juice into the mixture, effectively lowering its pH and subsequently diminishing the ibotenic acid levels. Additionally, prolonging the water's simmering period for a span of 30 to 180 minutes can contribute to a further reduction in the presence of ibotenic acid.

How to Take Amanita Tea?

Determining the appropriate quantity of Amanita tea presents a challenging task. Even suggested measurements for dried mushroom usage prove unreliable, as estimating ibotenic acid and muscimol content requires specialized lab analysis. 

Moreover, the composition of different Amanita muscaria products varies due to multiple factors. Variations emerge, for example, between fly agaric mushrooms cultivated at different altitudes, with those at higher elevations typically containing increased levels of muscimol and ibotenic acid compared to their lower-altitude counterparts.

It's essential to note that the transformation of ibotenic acid into muscimol through decarboxylation introduces further variability in the muscimol content of dried Amanita mushrooms, leading to distinct levels from specimen to specimen. In short, just knowing how to prepare Amanita muscaria tea is not enough, proper information about the amount to be consumed is also very crucial. 


After preparing your brew, consuming it all at once is not a necessity. Opinions differ regarding the durability of shroom tea. Hence, we propose a comparison with store-bought beverages – refrigerate them and aim to finish within a week. Dried mushrooms can endure for months, given proper storage. Yet, the liquid form of tea substantially curtails its lifespan. To optimize results, numerous Amanita muscaria tea lovers recommend transferring the concoction into a glass container before refrigeration.

Get the Best Amanita Muscaria Tea Recipe

When seeking Amanita muscaria, diligent research is key for sourcing top vendors offering dried mushrooms or powdered extract. Knowing how to prepare Amanita muscaria tea is simple post-purchase. Prioritize caution by sampling a small amount for effects. 

To maintain freshness, refrigeration is advised for a limited period. Always exercise prudence when handling these mushrooms. If you want to brew the perfect Amanita Muscaria tea,  buying Amanita from reputable sellers is crucial. Cosymic has on offer a wide collection of Amanita products, which will not only satisfy all your requirements but also make you keep coming back for more. Visit the website today to learn about the varied range of products.
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